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Zion is Old
desert of the real : zion : estimated age

An important estimate for other theories to refer to. We believe Zion to be about 150 years old or older. This does not mean that there were not other remants of humanity or that the Resistence necessarily began at the same time as Zion, however, this is the estimate we are working with. Again, remember the rules of evidence, not facts... merely signs or suggestions.



1. Tank & Dozer (2 unpluggings at least from the beginning). The closer you get to the beginning, the more infrastructure- thus time- necessary to set those first few rescues.

2. The First's name is lost/legendary.

3. Date plate on the Nebuchadnezzar makes the ship between 60-130 years old not to mention the infrastructure necessary to built one.

4. Level of technology/civilization on the Nebuchadnezzar probably couldn't rise in one lifetime.

5. Recent articles say that the Prophecy is 100 years old.



Most problems come down to attacking specific points of evidence, providing alternative explanations. For example, The First's name might be cursed- which is why it isn't mentioned. However, rarely do the criticisms add up to an elegant and complete picture. Often, the end up contradictory with other evidence.