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Limits of The One
the one : neo : limits

The One has definite limits which we can observe and theorize. All evidence come from the moments after Neo's resurrection.



1. Neo did not will the Agents out of existence. The other two Agents survived the encounter.

2. Neo is constrained by physicality of his avatar. When he fought Smith after becoming The One, he still had to strike Smith with his fists and feet. He did not just create force vectors out of thin air and beat up Smith. Also, Neo had to run back the phone and the other Agents got away... he did not teleport or travel through walls. He is a solid. Neo can only be where he is and senses are contrained by that location.

3. Powers. They can be explained by a highly specific set of rules. If the theory holds fast, he should not exceed those specifications.

4. Neo is still highly limited by his mind. When he fights Smith he has a bit of a "Whoa" moment and showboats (fighting with one hand, posing) instead of finishing Smith immediately.

5. Neo is constrained by time. He's only so fast. Running at Smith and back to the phone. Again, he can't be everywhere at once. He can not travel through time unnaturally.

6. Simply watching the trailer footage we have now, we realize that Neo still is challenged. He blocks, dodges, and seems to be affected by one of Smith's actions. His physicality is always an issue.



The main objection is that Neo is either still learning or not exhibiting his full potential, that he will at some point be capable of exceeding these limitations or is choosing not to. While that might be possible, it is not useful to speculate on a being of unlimited potential, for this site. We choose to contrain and explain what we can with the evidence we have. If Neo exhibits further and future potential, the theories will be adjusted accordingly.