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Self-Editing Theory
powers : human : self-edit

The main constraint above and over all human abilities is that they can only edit themselves. This falls under the philosophy of Free Will, the coaxing of one's environment through the alteration of self. Further, Self-Editing Theory may be constrained only to the amplification of existing traits and abilities (example: Neo's Power. We also operate under the assumption that there is an absolute limit on normal human self-editing (which is why Agents are always more capable than Zionists). Whether these limits are specifically coded or functions of Focus Theory (that is, a typical Zionist can only Focus so far) is unknown. Neo, also falls under this theory and constraint, but not to the same degree. View The One's Power and the case studies below. As far as we know every supernatural event can be explained in terms of editing only self and it provides a useful constraint for explaining why we do not see certain other abilities in humans which is why we've adopted this theory.


Simple Case Studies

1. Healing. Humans can already heal, simply amplified the rate and effect.

2. Running. Self-Edit one's strength, speed, balance, reflexes, etc. to be better.

Interpretive Case Studies

1. Blind man. Assuming he's a man and not a machine, you could explain his ability to recognize Morpheous through self-editing any number of ways. The first would be to say he's simply amplifying existing human ESP. Another would be to say his hearing has been edited to the point of providing him with a radar sense of "sight". Etc.

2. Stopping Bullets. Mechanically speaking, we have to essentially explain TK, which we can't in this world either... should accept psychic abilities as Black Box things. However, if you want messy Self-Editing solutions, stopping bullets can be explained in terms of altering ones magnetism, gravity, RSI bounding box, etc.

3. Destroying Smith. Discussed in the Project section, however, viewed through self-editing, we can say that Smith's code was combined with Neo's then edited out of existence. Alternatively, we can say that amplified by touch (physicality matters), Familiar Theory, and Focus. Neo was using a greatly amplified version of spoon bending, but instead of gentle twisting we get explosive tearing.