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Queue Theory
powers : machine : queue

This theory tries to explain why not all Machines exhibit equivalent stats even though they should be all gifted with Reinforcement. In many ways, this theory is analogous to Focus theory. The premise is that the Matrix is elastic and exceeding its normal parameters is a strain on the system in terms of processing power. This is why Agents are not moving at bullet dodging speeds at all times or punching with concrete breaking punches always. Such techniques can be used only for a limited amount of time. Further, access to that processing power is based upon a priority queue lest every Agent use the most draining powers all at once for the maxium duration... a catostrophic drain on the system. Applied to what we know about The Matrix universe:

Agents often engage in chase or combat. High Priority.
Twins passive guards and deleted programs. Medium Priority.
Keymaker & Oracle non-combative programs. Low Priority.

Their priority will be directly related to what level and how often they exhibit Reinforcement if at all.