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How can anything challenge Neo?
Why do Agents sometimes miss?
What is the Red Pill?
Who is The Oracle?
When can humanity be free?

This site is written for the unplugged... those who've decided to take the red pill and dive deeper into the rabbit hole. We will try to take all we know and apply it in attempt to create a rational view that answers the questions that dive us mad. If you don't understand the need for such explanation or this approach, stick around and you might learn something along the way. Hopefully you'll find it valuable and useful.


the question that drives us

The Red Pill Project is an attempt to get at the reality and the rules of The Matrix universe. We will approach that universe like our own, take the clues that we have and derive the rules. As rational human beings, we've come to expect rules and many have an intuitive sense of them... so even if the Wachowskis didn't specifically plan out the theories we'll put forth, they likely put them in instinctively and we're going to dig them out. Let me stress that we're tackling The Matrix universe itself and not the meta-story above it. Much has been dedicated to the discussion of the symbolism, philosophy, and meaning of The Matrix but the project will largely avoid that approach as it's been covered extensively elsewhere. We will be pragmatic in questions like: Is Morpheous bald? Rather than philosophical about the definition of bald. Our belief is pretty simple:

There are no plot holes.

We will explain away the supposed existing ones and go deeper by asking questions you never thought to ask. We will strive to answer the questions as specifically as possible without spawning additional plot holes. We will always be extremely conscious of the ripples our theories create. The focus will always be on creating a coherent view of what happens in The Matrix universe, not simply answering questions for the sake of the answers. To paint a picture of why. The project is about questions, answers, and an approach. You're invited to participate.


how do you define real?

The project assumes you're a hardcore Matrix fan. Required reading includes the movie transcript, shooting script, and script drafts. Ideally, you've also read The Art of The Matrix, the online comics, Larry & Andy Wachowski online chat, every substantive article, etc. You own and have memorized the DVD. From there with all those resources we can begin our approach.

The Red Pill Project expects you to be a rational and logical viewer. You should be able to analyze the lines with critical literary analysis, estimate magnitudes like a physicist, consider probabilities like a statician, approach theory like a scientist, look at evidence like a forensic investigator, and make arguments like a lawyer. Occasionally, you'll be asked to consider allegory like a theologist. Most of all, read with an open mind. A free one. The Wachowskis combined many disciplines to create their masterpiece and we should do no less in analyzing it.

For clarity, the movies and their direct transcripts are treated as canon. Anything written by the Wachowskis created for release is canonical too. That means the transcript of a released animated short or comic is canonical, but the attached images slightly less so. Likewise, the story of Enter The Matrix is canon but the specific game mechanics are not. Unreleased scripts aide in interpretation and intent but are not canon. Authorized released materials not written by the Wachowskis are strong support but not treated as canon and interviews are viewed likewise.

From the body of canon and resources we get clues into how to figure out the internal logic of every scene in The Matrix. Again, our focus in upon the universe itself and internal logic of what happens. Rarely should we cite things like fate, symbolism, or "it's a movie" type explanations... they may be accurate circumstances but do not explain the internal logic of a scene in that universe. One of the few exception is the Meta-logic Theorem of Medium Elegance, which you can read about in the Theory section.

What is a plot hole? It may be easier to say what the project does not consider to be plot holes. Filming, technical, spelling, drawing, etc. gaffes are not considered to be plot holes, merely mistakes in the medium. Choreography will largely be viewed the same way. If there is a significant plot element to the action, it can be analyzed, otherwise it will be accepted as an action movie convention or staple, especially if the choreography or direction was by someone other than the Wachowskis. Presently non-existent or seemingly impossible technology or science is not considered a plot hole. Suspension of disbelief and an understanding of the Black Box of technology is necessary when watching science-fiction.

An example of something with the appearance of a plot hole that we would endeavor to close: If a Red Pill is custom code, why can't the crew bring into the Matrix guns with custom code- infinite ammo or homing bullets? A simple question like that will begin a voyage into the specific constraints of why some code can be altered and some can not. Of what can be brought into the Matrix and what can not. And so on. We don't answer the question to make it go away, we use the question to gain deeper understanding and a better picture of The Matrix universe.

The hope is always to create a fuller and deeper explanation of The Matrix universe. The theories created will be meant to be useful for explanation and for prediction. They will have been tested for plot holes and ever wary of the ripples they produce. One elegant and entwined view that produces results is the objective. Along the way, rational assumptions will be made and postulates put forth. They will often deal with the probable not merely possible. When attacking a precept, make sure that you have strong counter clues and a complete theory to behind it. We gladly and most excitedly accept complete challenges or alternative lines of theory provided they adhere to the approach. A reminder, the assumptions are made for the purposes of the whole picture not as a validation of fact unto themselves.

Finally, The Red Pill Project takes a scientific approach but isn't strictly technical or legalistic in its writing. Use forgiving interpretation when reading. We will try to keep the language pretty conversational, so please read it as such.


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