Lord and Savior
I am Christian, a disciple of Jesus, but what does that mean? It should mean more than a cultural label or religious lifestyle. It means I'm in a covenant relationship with my God. A relationship where I both fear and love Him, not relying on symbols to prove my relationship but embracing them as a sign of it. I recognize Him as Lord over my life and indeed all of creation and accept His free gift of grace to work out my salvation in this life. Put simply, I seek to know God.

For God
the greatest lover
so loved
the greatest degree
the world
the greatest number
that He gave
the greatest act
His one and only Son
the greatest gift
that whoever
the greatest invitation
the greatest simplicity
in Him
the greatest person
shall no perish
the greatest deliverance
the greatest difference
the greatest certainty
eternal life
the greatest possession
John 3:16
the greatest promise!