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This section is dedicated towards isolating the unanswered plot holes in The Matrix universe and eliminating them. This page will point out the holes and some possible approaches to closing them up... along with the problems related to those solutions. What is considered a plot hole is defined in the Approach section of the About page. Understand that everything on this page is considered In Progress, with the intent of satisfactory theories arising to move these issues to the Theory page.

From the matrix of facts, evidence, and postulates that we have theories are derived. From there, we sometimes propose new theories which we plug back into our matrix of information to see if it create any ripples. A statement in one place will often create an impact elsewhere that will provide further insight. Sometimes, though, not everything settles nicely but the theory is too attractive to simply dismiss. This section will also highlight the problems with some theories in the hopes that further investigation will create a solution. We call these theory ripples.

Finally, tied intimately to the Theory section are predictions. Based upon theories, materials, and questions on hand we present a few choice predictions that we hope will be proven with the release of more materials. Some predictions may never be directly proven or disproven, so again, all thoughts are considered works in progress. When a prediction seems to have been validated, it will move to the Theory section. By implication, of course, all theories imply prediction so the ones here are selected as tenets of respective theories.

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Plot Holes
tumbling down the rabbit hole

Specifics of Skill Downloads
Coding the Lady in Red
Seeing the Code
Passage of Time


Theory Ripples
show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

Stopping a Bullet and Telekinesis
The Origin of the Oracle


try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong

Neo Will Never...
Good and Bad guys
Fate of the Matrix


what do you say to something like that?

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