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This section is dedicated to essays, articles, opinions, etc. that do not strictly adhere to the approach spelled out on the About page but nonetheless relevant to discussion. Things here may tend to get into meta analysis, however, the slant here is always to go deeper in The Matrix universe itself and not to study these ideas for a sake of those ideas. Allegory, analogy, and symbolism will be used to help explain The Matrix not the reverse. Views expressed below are not necessarily those of The Red Pill Project.


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Wired: The New Convergence
The Matrix - A Cyberpunk Parable?
Wormholes & Time Machines
Glitches in The Matrix
Man versus Machine
Ockham's razor


Related Reading
too much information to decode the Matrix

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard
The Art of The Matrix with Geof Darrow, Tani Kunitake, & Steve Skroce
The Reality Within The Matrix by Kristenea M. LaVelle
The Matrix and Philosophy by William Irwin
Taking the Red Pill by Glenn Yeffeth


Recommended Reading
do you always look at it encoded?

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
The Positronic Man by Isaac Asimov & Robert Silverberg
The Science of Superman by Mark Wolverton & Roger Stern
Scientific America
Wired Magazine


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