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Interpreting the Prophecy
the one : prophecy

The prophecy should be interpreted mostly in the macro sense. Interpreted literally in only the mirco sense creates plot holes and is a stumbling block for those trying to free their minds.



"When the Matrix was first built there was a man born inside who had the ability to change whatever he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit."

By sematics this statement can't be absolutely literal. Neo clearly has limits. It HAS to be figurative. To what extent is up to interpretation. Having absolute god-like powers to do whatever is NOT a necessary condition for that statement to be true. The above statement CAN be fulfilled ENTIRELY in the figurative sense.

If a King was said to have the ability to "change whatever he wanted" would your first instinct be to believe he can do mind-control or wish matter into existence? Of course not. You would interpret it to believe that with his existing power/authority, he could aquire what he wanted or change things through that power (steal a wife, conquer a territory, etc). Just as Neo will change the Matrix through his powers.

Interpret the statement in macro terms- that is BIG PICTURE- trying to shape the fate of the ENTIRE Matrix (freedom). If it was referring purely in micro terms (stopping bullets, floating blocks, etc.) then Spoon Boy is as good a One as Neo. That said, we do not completely exclude the micro interpretation because Spoon Boy is considered a Potential. Free your mind!



Because many people have not bothered to create a rational frame of explanation for Neo's powers or deliberately catalogued his limitations there persists the myth that Neo is endowed with either god-level power or potential. To them, Neo's powers are arbitrary examples of that potential. We disagree, however. There is no doubt that Neo is an exceptional person destined to great heights, however, the abilities many have assumed he has are not a necessary pre-requisite for fulfilling the prophecy.