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the matrix : meta : general

Clearly, some meta-laws superceed physical laws of the Matrix. Take for example, "Matter cannot be created or destroyed" enter the meta-law "Except at hardline points." Another example, "Spoons do not bend themselves" enter Elasticity "unless trying to return to a previous state." A meta-law is like a law that knows the Matrix is code versus a physical law which believes the Matrix is reality. This belief helps support Self-Edit Theory in some cases.


Case Study

Let's examine the event where Neo seems to bend the Matrix after destroying Smith. We've got the meta-law of Elasticity (the Matrix resists change, tries to snap back to a normal or previous state). Now let's add the meta-law of Expansion. Combine these two meta-laws (which both "disobey" physical law, since they are higher laws) and we get a rational framework for those three ripple effects (Universe Flex, helicopter ripple, car explosion) that we see with no laws being broken. Leaving Self-Edit intact. Thanks to CBN of MFN for challenging us to develop this case study.