I hate giving good people bad news

2.02.03 - Well some of the website is up. The idea for the site came about after finding myself answering the same questions over and over and having the lay the same groundwork for certain explanations repeatedly. It would be nice to simply have a resource to refer to so here I am, making it! Most of the ideas I'll be putting up intially are about half a year old and ended up being supported by the teasers, trailers, and spoilers we've absorbed about Reloaded which encouraged the line of thought. Hopefully, we can make more rational predictions that come true and use the new films, shorts, and game to go deeper down the rabbit hole.

2.07.03 - I'm still struggling with what approach to take in presenting the information in the Theory and Project sections since there's so much of it. I want it to be quick and accessible but without getting bogged down in tons of text unless you choose to be. Forgive some of the dead links, they're place-holders for now as I create the content in my spare time.

2.17.03 - Much of the Theory section is up but Project is still down. Everything up is pretty much either first drafts or reposts of my forum posts so if there are problems point 'em out and I'll try to fix them. Ah, I got lazy too and didn't stick strictly to my argument method... too much effort. I've also left off objections unless someone specifically raises them. Arguing with myself is fun, but not when I have limited time.

2.19.03 - Sorry! The Project section of the site still isn't up. Everytime I start really analyzing something that looks like a plot hole (while doing the write up for it) an answer seems to present itself and it gets moved to Theory. The FAQ and Apologetics section are starting up. If you have a question or favorite nitpick, be sure to send it in! Any Plot Holes for the Project section too... submissions will be credited to the sender, of course.

2.28.03 - We've got a new essay by KeanuGirl under Publish, new submissions to the FAQ, and finally put in the Machine Specialized Powers under theory. A few entries up in the Project section too, presenting potential plot holes and sequel predictions.

5.20.03 - Reloaded has blown us away with tons of new material. The whole site will probably be rewritten (never fear, we'll archive the existing materials) and we'll get to it as soon as possible... unfortunately work is getting in the way.

6.30.03 - I'm really sorry to say, but the entire site is on hiatus. I simply don't have the time to update or cover all the bases, especially with so much being speculated at this point. After Revolutions, many theories may become moot. Though I love logically thinking things through, the main point of this site is apologetics which is best done once all the info is in.


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